Running Games.

May, 2018

Here I am, running again.

I was only going to run to the end of the road, but I did a lap of the lake.
I'm as surprised as you are.

Eyes to the front, except when confronted with people and then making sure that eye contact is kept to a minimum.

To borrow an Australian perspective, the phrase "Aussie Battler" recognises that everyone has their own particular pile of shit that they're dealing with, so best to respect other people's privacy and not show too much bravado. Don't exercise in their face, as it were.

The lake itself has some moments where it's best to stop and look, but I keep going. There is a magnificent dead tree, a small kingfisher that is unlikely to be the same one I knew from before, glittery seawater, a robed woman, and a strange mansion, girded by glass walls and exotic plants, a fountain centered car park, which I mentally note down as a future film set.

A runner approaches. They look like much more in it for the long haul than I do. Or is it just my long term paranoia setting in? Game development is so similar, or whilst engaged in any artistic expression, when confronted with another, comparisons are so easy and unwise.

Making ZipSquid is more of a marathon than I thought it would be, but I'm getting a rhythm now, and have an assuredness that this development will end.

Feelings - Uncertain, scheduling, standing, typing, mechanical.

Phil James