Things, Together.

August, 2014

Every day when I sit at my desk here I’m surrounded by plastercine figurines, gradually and carefully being put together by Ezra. We had a brief conversation this morning which reminded me how cool they are, and that I should think about integrating them into the software. Below is a Space Whale. This is one of many creatures of awesomeness. In thinking about Ezra’s consistent aesthetic when it comes to creature design, I’m again reminded by the need for this thing to be creativity amplification, and not just presentation of assets designed and created by me.

I've been focusing on the painting aspect of this software for a while, but I should also think about what kind of entities inhabit those spaces, and what they have to say. 

To that end I've put together a small piece of concept art this morning which might inform that direction. I imagine you might encounter these creatures similar to a creature in the movie Labyrinth - and they might have similarly cryptic things to say.

The other thing I’ve been doing is learning and building in openframeworks. I want to use the gaze of the participants to travel through any painting space, and in order to do that I’ve been using the addon ‘ofxFaceTracker’ - by Kyle Macdonald  - or at least, hacking examples in order to see what kind of variables I can easily get out of that in order to affect some interaction. I’m not sure how any navigation of space will happen, and will probably diagram some ideas or create some quick sketches of how that might work soon.

Here’s a few images from my initial weekend of learning openframeworks.

The software would output a whole bunch of initial compositions, which I would then take in photoshop. Like I said in the earlier post, I’m really keen to get away from photoshop entirely, so I’m looking to process image in a similar way per pixel.

As well as this - Head orientation and whether the subject is looking or not. This is another necessary component.

Phil James