June, 2014

Really glad this first semester’s work is (almost) over. I’m also looking forward to do some readings over the break in the form of PS2 titles.

The title of my thesis and the abstract looks like this at the moment: 


Lieutenant Butterfly: Exploring Spatial Relationships in Psychedelic Dreamlike Experiences and Videogames through Ritualistic practice.

Taking a sketched based process to developing software while being informed by traditional art practices and notions of play, I will experiment with notions of materiality in digital space. Recalling memories of psychedelic experiences and describing childlike spatial perception, I aim to peer into the grain of the unseen architecture that sits between the interactive works I produce, and the participant who at the same time creates a relationship to it. This spatial order will be further informed and reworked through ritualistic practice and recalled dreams that expose my practice and working method in order to reveal a grain to this spatiality, and collapse and connect selected sketches and artifacts into a single entity.


So, one of the first steps for me now is file management. I need to clean up the sketches and files and arrange them into a master project. This will include the project I had constructed before coming into AUT. I think I will probably use github to do this, and have got some great advice this morning about setting this up from Hamish. Will see how I go. 

I’ve been thinking that this should be completely public work in progress. I think this will also mean that any code, text, images, sounds, and all should be completely available for public download at any time, but I’m not sure how I will reconcile this availability with the element of mystery I frequently desire. 

Within the software itself I will try to collapse and connect existing experiences. For me, this means existing Unity sketches, painted images, blog entries should all connect, as something similar to “LSD Dream Emulator”. 

Each piece of existing blog text will probably also be collapsed into the software. As soon as possible, there will be a selection of public builds available, once I have performed the first collapse.

Phil James