April, 2014

Yesterday’s embodiment presentation revealed something important to me - in terms of my own desire, and in terms of my own production.

I really want the feeling of videogames I make to be ‘Something’s actually happening now!’, and I used examples from Earthbound, and LSD Dream Emulator to show that, through some peculiar *breaks* in experience — changes in logic or usual activity, a kind of fourth wall breaking, is actually what I enjoy about play experiences, and this to me is when the videogame moves forward, and progresses. I related this to a kind of transcendent experience,  gained through a break through a spatial logic of experience (First person, Third Person, Objective Overview, Dualities)

I drew much of this out from Nathaniel Stern, and his theory of Embodiment as a continuously shifting ground. 

“Embodiment is a continuously emergent and active relation. It is our materialization and articulation, both as they occur, and about to occur. Embodiment is moving-thinking-feeling, it is the body’s potential to vary, it is the body’s relations to the outside. And embodiment, I contend, is what is staged in the best interactive art.” (Stern, 2013)

It made me think about Frog Fractions. A lot. 

That game is one of the best examples I can think of that has this emergence. It doesn’t lose it’s thread and descend into non-sequitur, but dances the fine line between illusion and ground.

If there is only constant change, it’s also what I only want. 

Phil James
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