'Lol'-ing my Research Question.

March, 2014

April Fools seems an appropriate date to engage with my Research Question (since the draft is due) as a farce. 

Lol my Thesis attempts to explain ‘years of work in one sentence’. 

Here’s my initial (super-short, super dumb) notes to begin my Research Question. 


What: A Transcendental Experience. 

Why? Creating one is creating an opportunity for learning, growth, newness, human connection, love, charm, empowerment, evolution. 

How? Making things! But not just blindly making things.

Rituals. Engaging with them seriously. Making through intuition and reflection. Refining based on intuition. 

Which? (Comparison) Refinement. Sending things out to people and feeling response. I know I can’t pick which things are good. Other people can tell. 

When? Now!


I really want videogames to grip me by my throat and drag me screaming into a total perspective vortex, wherein my whole worldview is revolved and I am remade. Some games are doing this already. There’s some daylight peeking through the rusty cracks. Not saying all games need to have this effect, but I only really want to make games that do. 


Phil James
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