March, 2014

The problem with writing in the blog, and here is that I haven’t quite decided on which I should be regularly visiting - need to get into those habits. 

I’m feeling really frustrated - I feel overloaded with knowledge, and am finding it hard to digest and make new work based on that. I’m not making much, or anything really. 

James mentioned something about workflow of someone like sculptors - having to do sketch based work before attempting the big thing, before engaging with massive materials - like marble. I know sketch work is powerful, but I’m struggling to even find the time to do that. I might be reaching the limits of what still image sketches can do for me.

I might not have any focus. Still feel the abstract and title I’ve written makes no sense whatsoever. What the fuck am I doing here? 

I go on intuition. I make accidents happen regularly. I don’t think I can approach things from a logical academic standpoint. This is where I should be looking at a different research method right? Need to look up those notes. Almost exclusively I’m making first, reading later. This is hard due to reversing that angle. 

Phil James
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