Viewing Portraits

March, 2014

I went to the Gus Fisher Gallery and saw some photographic portrait work in an oval frame. The figure in the frame, at first, looked quite insincere. Their hair was done in a now unfashionable style, and they were looking up and away from the center, away from my view. After about two minutes of looking at the figure I felt much more empathy with them. 

There is a transferrence that happens when we contemplate portraits. The next series of images are initial experiments which  are frames from sketches that utilise the webcam. I’d like to see this as a stage in the experience that is similar to the character selection screen, but allowing much more time to transfer your association to the character. This was inspired by seeing my own reflection in the screens of Yume Nikki.  

I’ve also been watching Sailor Moon, and in particular, the transformation sequences for inspiration for this part. The characters become silhouetted during these transformations, which allows for viewers identification with them. Their clothing automatically wraps around them, and all their adornments and jewellery fades into place, magically. Once timid, they are transformed into confident warriors of justice.  This speed of identification would be interesting to investigate. How the player can interact with this process is something that I’m not quite sure of yet. 

Phil James
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