March, 2014

Why does the butterfly flutter?

Today I’ve been spending time reading Huizinga, walking around listening to people talk about furthering research and funding within the university, and playing Yume Nikki.

I half started reading the article in the morning, and finished it off this afternoon. There’s some notes I have been taking whilst reading, perhaps they’re jumping off points. Speaking of those, since we’re on the 10th floor, there’s a large window looking down over a glass atrium. It’s a great contemplative space - I used to be afraid of heights, but I don’t get vertigo at all from positions like that any more.

There’s secret spaces in the university like that - contemplative and academic. Huizinga talked about spaces within play that are secret, that acknowledge a shared group or ideological position. It reminded me of how secret spaces in Doom were acknowledged to the player - a deep resonant tone played - and you knew you had found a secret passage. Sometimes you were required to run across quickly from one space to another to activate a trigger- that would open a door or activate a moving wall. Usually contained within these places were power items. 

Armor. Soulspheres. That kind of thing.

I moved from some super public spaces to some secret, but not-so-secret spaces in the university -  and outside it, when I went to hear about some research funding. No resounding tone was produced when I talked to people, but I did get a damn good sandwich. 

Yume Nikki status : 7 Energies found. I met a jumping leg and hopped with it as a frog. I also found a flute and a bicycle.

Phil James