4 March - Starting Some notes.

March, 2014

There’s been a bunch of work up to this point, but I need to reframe my thinking about things, to clarify and lead up to Master’s Question topic. 

Initial LB Thoughts after some time. What are the issues I want to address?

I want to look at the character you embody- and undergo a transformative process. The Butterfly metaphor that I’ve been attaching to this is pretty obviously connected to this. This has been further reminded to me by the process someone like Chelsea Manning has gone through - a pretty violent transformation in the public eye.

I also want to revisit - helpfully,  my own experiences with **** - the real story being one of the effervescent life bubbling through - and me not being able to handle it, and want to explore other options. When that life threatened to tie me to one place, the leaving of that - there became all the more emotional and hard. I did it badly. 

It’s an exercise in empathy - is it still a character portrait, or an example of a kind of process?

I want to see the character embody something initially they are very used to -  the Lieutenant aspect. Military aspects. Hit the target. Beautiful - But transform it into shooting flowers that grow, the effervescent creation being something that you might also be ashamed of. I might not be able to avoid my point of view as a hetero male looking at this - like if I start making Georgia O’Keefe style drawings then for me that’s actually ok but other people might find the symbolism uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable symbolism will have to be there -  but should be uncovered later. In the process:

Learn to hit targets - Beautiful Dance - Growing Flowers - Uncomfortable Symbols - Life - Can’t take it - A break - The Dark Stages - Transformation.

That’s a basic story structure. 


Will revisit this.

Secondly - I think the drawings that come out of this time should be exercises in pushing all aspects of this intuition. If I need to change direction I sure need to do that quickly. 

Ok, so that’s an overview - I think the next step is pragmatically for the next build — what do I want to accomplish for the next stages?

-Dreaming in anywhere - getting comfortable? Lying down? 

-Random Dreamspace - does this mean the structural components will change? Like - how the narrative operates. LSD: Dream Emulator offers multiples at once, and can be read as anonymous - but with some hints. 

Yume Nikki is slightly different.

-How deep you go, seems like it has to matter. 

Secondly - can I implement a small example of this in the Twine narrative? 

Will start a drawing now. 

Phil James